DragonflyWhile having a walk with children we collect “noses” of a maple. We cut out of a sheet of paper two rectangles rounded in their corners – wings and a body of a dragonfly. We glue them together forming a cross. We stick “noses” of a maple on the wings, and we make two small holes in the head through which we pull raffia – tentacles.

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Balloon BeeFirst we must blow a yellow balloon. The next step is to prepare thin strips of black crepe which we stick to the balloon in regular intervals. Next a child cuts out wings from coloured paper and glues them to the balloon. Now it is enough to draw eyes and a smile and our work is finished!

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Owl Painted with SeedsWe put glue on the chosen part of a drawing and sprinkle it with a suitable product (barley, buckwheat, rice, etc.), and press with fingers. We lift a sheet of paper to remove unnecessary seeds. We do that until we cover the whole area of a picture with seeds. Finally, we cut out from coloured paper eyes, a bill and a branch on which an owl sits.

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Luckily ElephantWe cut out a one piece from an egg box, we drag out a creative wire through two holes (we create a proboscis and a tail), beside a proboscis we glue movable eyes, and on the sides ears with heart shape cut out from the red sheet of paperboard.

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Squirrel with a NutWe draw a squirrel on a colour sheet of paper using a template. We fill outlines with a red poster paint and we glue overlapping one to another dried leaves as its tail. We put into its feet a half of a walnut rind and stick it with plasticine. We draw eyes and claws using a felt-tip pen.

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