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A Feathered Swan

Feathered SwanFirstly, a tutor draws an outline of a feathered swan on the blue sheet of paper. Then a child paints the inside in white using paints and after it dries out draws a bill and an eye with colour pencil. Finally, he/she glues a piece of foil which serves as water and feathers which serve as wings of a swan.

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A Glove Puppet of an Owl

A Glove Puppet of an OwlA child cuts out owl’s eyes from coloured paper (two smaller and two bigger circles), eyebrows, a bill, a belly and feet-claws. Particular elements should be glued to a paper bag. A bent underside will be a bird’s head. Pupils glue feet inside a bag – in the way that they are seen only partly. The rest as if has been hidden somewhere by feathers. 

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A Hedgehog

HedgehogA half of an egg made from polystyrene foam we paper with brown blotting paper, then we glue spines, i.e. maple seeds one next to another. We stick movable eyes and form a nose from black blotting paper. Now, a hedgehog can wander among autumn leaves.

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A “Rainbow Triangle” Butterfly

A “Rainbow Triangle” ButterflyFirst children bend in half a piece of a creative wire. Then they catch by a bent end of a wire a centre of a piece of blotting paper in varying colours. Blotting paper should be squeezed in the middle – two wings are formed. Next a creative wire should be twisted (it should fix blotting paper) in order to form a head of our insect. The remaining two pieces of a wire are tentacles. 

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A Wasp is Flying Around A Nose

A Wasp is Flying Around A NoseWe wrap an empty roll of toilet paper with  yellow paper and glue it. We make a ball from hygienic tissues, we wrap it with yellow blotting paper and glue at the top of a roll. We twist thin laces from black crimplene and glue them around a roll on the yellow background. We cut out wings from blue paper, we paint strands in white and glue them at the back of a roll.

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A Rainbow Snake

Rainbow SnakeTo create a legendary rainbow snake, a tutor should prepare beforehand its head. First, one must draw and cut out a longitudinal shape from a paperboard, draw eyes using a felt-tip pen and then stick two ribbons from underside-it will be a metical reptile with forked tongue. Then one should cut out from paperboard so many circles as a number of children taking part in a class.

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