Free kids crafts for children


A Geometrical Cat

Geometrical CatA child traces templates and cuts out tringles, rectangles and a circle from coloured paper. Then he/she glues them in such a way that they create an image of a cat. A large circle will serve as a head, tringles will be ears and legs. Rectangles should be placed in the centre – a body and a tail is created. A cat will teach children shapes of basic geometric figures.

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A Life on the Meadow – a Collage

A Life on the Meadow – a CollageCreating an artistic collage presenting a life of a meadow inhabitants, children should first paint green grass, and a blue sky and a lake. Then they glue, cut out from newspapers or books, drawings and pictures of storks, frogs, snails, green grass and trees, butterflies. A full of life and movement picture of a spring meadow has been created. A meadow has o lot of inhabitants.

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A Circular Elephant

Circular ElephantFirst, we have to make several circles form a sheet of coloured paper (a child traces a template, and then cut it out). We need one large circle – a belly of an elephant, two small –legs, and two medium - a head and an ear). After cutting out circles, our pupils must glue them to a sheet of paper. The largest-a belly, will be put in the centre.

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A Tiger and a Zebra

A Tiger and a ZebraPupil are to paint in black a white and a yellow sheet of paper to create parallel strips remaining masking patterns on a tiger’s and a zebra’s skin. The next, task done by children (or with a help of a teacher) is to cut out shapes of animals from prepared in this way sheet of paper. Then the youngsters draw eyes and mouth of African savannah inhabitants.

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