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A Cow from Coloured Plate

A Cow from Coloured PlateWe need a rectangle paper plate. It should be painted in black creating at the same time patches. Then we cut out a rectangle from a white sheet of paper – a head - and a smaller nose from a pink one. We make legs from an empty roll of toilet paper cut into 4 pieces – painted in white. We make a tail from paper, wool or lace.

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A Frog

FrogWe paint empty rolls of toilet paper using green poster paint, then we cut out six circles with a diameter of 2cm and form a frog of it. Now only eye pupils, 2 claws and we glue the relative elements of a frog.

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A Green Frog

Green FrogGreen blotting paper should be cut into wide strips, and then rolled and glued around a plastic plate beginning from an outside part. Then, one have to draw and cut out from white paperboard a template of eyes. We glue to it thin, rolled strips of green, white, and black blotting paper.

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