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An Adorable Paper Crib

Adorable Paper CribWe put a bended manila paper on a sheet of paper with a stapler or glue. We mould it to create a crib. Figures may come from colouring books and children can draw figures and colour them. Thanks to it a work will be more original. Figures should be cut out in such a way that their lower part can be bent and glued. A figure will stand.

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An Angel from Hands

Angel from HandsWe trace twice a child’s hands on a white sheet of paper and two times on a coloured one. Cut out, white hands will serve as wings, and coloured ones as its livery. One can bend “thumbs of colour hands” so as they create hands of an angel.

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Christmas Rings

Christmas RingsA tutor prepares first rings from empty rolls of toilet paper. Then we are to put on a bead – a heart of our ring, to a piece of a lace. Then we put a lace through a centre of a roll of toilet paper. We squeeze a roll from one side and glue a piece of paper to it (it is recommended to glue it with two pieces of paper from the top)

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