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An Angel Made from a Mug

Angel Made from a Mug

A teacher prepares a template of wings and hands of an angel and white or silver sticky paper-cut (a size suitable to a size of a mug). In the centre of a bottom of a mug one should drill a small hole or make it with hot nail in which children put a shish kebab stick. Children begin their work from painting a polystyrene foam ball with orange or rose poster paint. To make it easier, one should tamp a ball on the shisha kebab stick. We fix sticks to the tables with plasticine and wait until paint dries out. Meanwhile children cover around a yoghurt container with a self-adhesive paper-cut, creating angel’s livery. Then they cut out wings and hands. They stick cut out elements to a container using double-sided tape. Next they stick to a head eyes and a mouth cut out previously from coloured paper or made them from plasticine. Hair is the last element. Children can make them of yard, raffia fibre or paper wool to pin it to a ball. When a head of an angel is ready, children connect it with a shish kebab stick with a body. And our angel is ready.