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A Card with an Angel

Card with an Angel

Firstly, a child bends a rectangular shape of paperboard (it will serve as a sheet of paper to which respective elements will be glued).Then he/she cuts out a rectangle from coloured blotting paper. He/she winds and crumples in the middle – to create two angel wings which he/she glues in the middle of a sheet of paper. From glossy finish paper a circle is cut out – an aureole which is put above wings. The last three elements, an angel’s livery, a head and a star. A head, formed by a small circle, and a star is cut out from coloured paper by a child or a tutor. A livery is a semicircle, we cut it out from coloured paper and then bend inside and glue to the paperboard. At the end a child glues a head to glossy finish aureole and a yellow star in the middle of an angel’s livery.