A Flower for Mother’s DayWe cut out a flower template (height circa 60cm) from large, rigid paperboard. We decorate petals with slips of coloured paper. A narrow strip of colour crepe we fold many times and glue it around a centre of a flower. Then we glue on it a circle with a drawing which presents parents. We paint a stem and leaves green or glue on them slips of green paper.

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Salty Heart with PistachiosA teacher dissolves in a bowl two portions of flour and salt with a little amount of water to create a mouldable salty material. Then pupils mould a heart shape (or cut with a form) and paint it red. The next activity is to decorate its edges with pistachio nuts rinds, and finally fix a colour button in the middle.

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Photo FrameWe cut out a background of a coloured paper for our frame in size of the CD, then we cut a hole for a picture in the centre, in this case oval one, and glue to a CD. We cut blotting paper of 4cm width and form “threads” of it which we later glue to the background of a frame. We form leaves and a stem form “threads”, we cut out leaves.

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A Brooch for a MotherTo make a brooch children trace with a felt-tip pen figures from templates on the decorative foam. The next step is to cut out figures from them and glue them together-in order from the largest to the smallest. A decorative button is stuck at the top of a brooch at the end. Small cuts from the back are to drag out a safety pin through them (preferably with a tutor’s help).

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