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A Bottle for a Mom

A Bottle for a MomWe soak sand with printing ink (in different colours), leave it to dry out, then sieve through mesh. So, we have coloured sand. We pour in through a funnel in portions of one table spoon (colours at children’s discretion), to obtain a thicker layer we pour in two table spoons. Finally, each child finishes by twisting a bottle cap and binding a coloured material on the outside.

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A Congratulatory Scroll – A Ball

A Congratulatory Scroll – A BallA ball - a congratulatory scroll is a good idea considering a gift for a father who is a sports fan or just for an interesting work of art. We print a ball image on a piece of colour paperboard. We fold a card in half and cut out along its external edges – to create a congratulatory scroll consisting of two circles. There is plenty of space inside which can be used for drawings for a father.

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