A Colourful LeafAn artwork is made using a method similar do Decoupage, however it does not require professional tools. When soaked pieces of colour blotting paper make colours joined. One should cut blotting paper in autumn colours one should cut into small squares.

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An Autumn OwlAn empty roll of toilet paper we bend on one side to create ears. We decorate them additionally with small feathers. We cut our circles from white and yellow coloured paper (a smaller one white, a larger one-yellow). The we glue them together, and draw a black dot in the middle. A small triangle cut out from a brown sheet of paper serves as a bill.

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Rainy AnimalsWe cut out animal silhouettes, place them on a white sheet of paperboard, then we sprinkle blue poster paint dissolved in water using a toothbrush. At the end we pull a template off and we shall obtain a white shape of an animal.  It is worth to make such a work of art after reading with children a poem “Rainy Animals” by D. Gellner.

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A ToadstoolAn empty roll of toilet paper we cover with glue, wrap it around with a sheet of paper and glue at the end. In the middle of the roll we glue a little frill. We glue eyes, draw a mouth, a nose, etc. above a frill.

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Autumn Young LadiesWe cut out semicircle from a paperboard. On its one side we glue very precisely colour leaves (it is recommended to use a staple with leaf shape). When the entire semicircle will be covered with leaves we form a cone from it leaving a small hole at the top and we sew it. It will be a dress of our young lady. We form a ball from wool and we put it into a piece of tights and then bind – it is our head. 

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