Eastern CockerelsWe need a bottom of an egg box for 10 eggs to make an Eastern decoration. A teacher cuts posts on which cock’s combs will be placed. We place combs, draw eyes, glue bills and gills in order. One may prepare small templates of combs, bills and gills  or children cut them out by themselves. Then we decorate them with sisal, feathers and Eastern eggs. 

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Easter BasketChildren have to cut out one piece from a paperboard box for eggs. Then pupils paint a boiled egg (and a piece of a paperboard box) in different patterns. When waiting as a paint on an egg slightly dries out, children may take a piece of greaseproof paper, cut out a circle of it in size of a small plate and make holes with a decorative hole puncher. 

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Little Soft LambOne should cut out a shape of a lamb „its belly” from white paperboard and a head in a shape of a tear. We cat cotton heads from hygienic cotton sticks and glue to its belly – from the end of a body to a head direction. We glue a small mane and ears, also from cotton sticks, on a tear. Lamb’s legs made from halves of sticks we glue from the underside of its belly. 

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Lamb with Gold HornsFirst, a tutor cuts out its silhouette from a sheet of technical pad. Then children glue to an animal’s body pieces of white yarn and draw eyes and a mouth. Children create twisted horns wrapping gold ribbon around a pencil and glue its one end to the figure. Finally, they embed a lamb on a folded in half and cut piece of a paperboard pad.

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A Yellow ChickenChildren should paint an empty roll of toilet paper with yellow paint. The next task is to staple a top of the roll (using a stapler). This place can be later covered with red blotting paper as a shape of a hen comb. Elements cut out from a red sheet of paper will serve as legs and a bill. The last addition is movable eyes and yellow, feathered wings of a fluffy little one.

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