Bird FeederWe draw a template on Bristol board, cut a stripe and “windows”, the we bend a stripe in marked points – walls and a roof are ready. We glue a bird feeder in a place describes as “glue”. We glue birds in any quantity and in any place- my birds have dimensions  about 4x6.5cm.

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Gloves that MatchWe fold in half a white sheet of a technical pad, then we unfold it and on one of the half outline a glove. We fill it with poster paints and then fold a sheet of paper once again (in the same place as at the beginning), “iron” with a hand for a while and then unfold again.

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A Green Spruce Tree in the SnowChildren cut out several circles from a green paper. After bending in half they will be a branch of our evergreen pine tree. One should glue them doubled, in order form the smallest to the largest, to a sheet of paper which is a background of a picture. White, bird’s feathers are snow drifts, and small pieces of torn blotting paper are like snowflakes falling down from the sky.

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A Castle of a Winter QueenCollected boxes in different sizes we cover and glue with white blotting paper, cotton wool, aluminium foil. We glue boxes together with Vicol glue and then using a double-sided tape on the shape of drawn or imaginary castle. We can decorate a castle with ready elements: stars, snowflakes, and animals from the North.

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