An Eco-Police Car from WastesTo make an eco-police car we need two boxes (one smaller and one bigger). We paint a bigger box with grey poster paint, to a smaller one children sticks pieces of grey paper. Then we glue one box onto another. Two plastic cups will serve as a signal however first we have to stick red and blue crepe to them. We cut out two long stripes and a rhomb for a tailback from blue Bristol board.

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TrainA locomotive is cut out from wallpaper leavings. Carriages are made form square cosmetic pads, circles – black Bristol board, carriages connections may be from straw, a half of a toothpick or a half of cosmetic stick without cotton wool. All elements are stuck with Vicol type glue on the grey paper. A sky and a soil are drawn with a pastel pencil.

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We BalloonWe cut out squares with dimensions of 2-2.5cm from coloured materials, and from a sheet of copy paper – a balloon shape including a basket (we created a balloon when drawing an outline of a small plate). The rest is up to children – whose task is to paper a balloon canopy and finally to stick a basket.

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