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A Negro

NegroChildren draw with a pencil an outline of a portrait (a head, arms) on a sheet of paper. They may draw it using a template. They create a play dough collage with brown plasticine spread by a finger inside a portrait outline. They stick cotton pads as eyes (one should decrease a little bit their diameter). On each cotton pad children form two rolls which they flatten and stick as a mouth.

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A Bowl from Paper Mache

Bowl from Paper MacheWe mix together paper Mache using any recipe available, e.g. in the Internet. A thin layer one should spread on a small bowl or a plate (e.g. from a kitchenette of a kindergarten room where plastic, unbreakable dishes are available). We leave them to dry out totally. Finally, we pull paper dishes off tenderly and we paint them with poster paints in any patterns.

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Painted with a Thread

Painted with a ThreadWe paint a piece of embroidery floss (about 15cm long) with a brush, then we put a hygienic tissue to drain excess paint. We place a piece of embroidery floss creating any pattern (the more curved, the better effect) so it outstands a sheet of paper. 

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A Chopping Board

Chopping BoardChildren choose pages from newspapers with different recipes, then they cut them out and glue to a previously prepared “chopping board”. Instead of recipes one may glue ornaments made with a hole puncher or according to a child’s idea. After finishing their work, a teacher laminates “chopping boards” with a laminator which may be used, e.g. in the kitchen as mats for fruit, plates, etc.

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An Aquarium of a Jar

An Aquarium of a JarWe pour water to the jar (not a full jar), add some blue paint (for dying), pour some sand, the amount to cover its bottom. We paint wracks and aquatic plants with green paint. Next we cut out fish spaces form coloured paper, draw eyes and we glue ready fish to a jar, between and above aquatic plants. Finally, we drop shells inside and our aquarium is ready.

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A Cheerful Clown

Cheerful ClownWe outline templates on paperboard and coloured paper. Then we cut out an outlined shape (a smile, a bow, a hat, eyes, suspenders, etc.). We glue prepared elements to the envelope. We wind up wool on a hand. When it is winded up we bind it and connect with an envelope using paperclips.

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