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On the Other Side of a Mirror

On the Other Side of a MirrorA work is an exceptionally good idea for open classes with parents. A child keeps beside his/her face a Plexiglas clip frame of A4 format or rigid foil, and a parent who can see a child’s face on the transparent surface using a marker. A redrawn drawing of a face is painted by a child. One can also draw a frame and an original portrait of a head. 

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A Feather of a Peacock

Feather of a PeacockFirst, children cut out three circles of different sizes from various pieces of colour blotting paper and a white sheet of paper fold in half along its longer side. The pupils put colour circles to a one side of a sheet of paper from the top – in order from the smallest to the largest one. Children soak brushes in water and cover an eye made from blotting paper.

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Modern Multifunctional Robot

Modern Multifunctional RobotFirst, children take aluminium foil an d make two rolls of it-shorter and longer. A longer one will serve as its “legs” – one should band and glue it in the lower half of a white sheet of paper. A short roll – are ‘hands’ of our robot. One should place them more or less in the middle of a sheet of paper. Next our pupils cut out two rectangles from coloured paper. 

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A Pastel Girl

Pastel GirlA child covers a sheet from a technical pad with a thick layer of colour using poster paints. Then with the opposite side of a brush draws, or rather scratches a silhouette of a girl or other patterns on this sheet of paper.

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Spaghetti, a Glutton’s Recipe

Spaghetti, a Glutton’s RecipeWhen you want to prepare tasty spaghetti, children should first cut out from coloured paper a blue, rounded plate. Then pupils glue around a bowl created in this way decorative, a few red rectangular and other, varying ornaments.  A yard glued in the middle creates strands of spaghetti. Crumpled pieces of blotted paper will be tomatoes, meat and other additions to a meal.

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