A Flower, a Wet in Wet MethodFirstly, we prepare a template – on the sheet of paper from technical pad we draw a flower, with petals and a circle in the middle. Such a paper flower we colour using a method “wet in wet”. Firstly, a child soaks a sheet in water, then paints it with diluted watercolour in different colours. A special washy pattern is created on the petals. 

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Flowers Made from the NewspaperA work for five-year and six-year old children. Flowers made of circles of different sizes cut out from a newspaper which we stick with glue one on another from the largest to the smallest. We decorate them by stamping with fingers soaked in paint. In the middle we glue a small crystal. Stems and leaves we make of twisted blotting paper.

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A Tree with Five FingersA child paints a palm with a brown paint and then makes an imprint of his/her hand in the middle of white sheet of paper. Then soaks the ends of fingers in green paint and imprints them at the top – tree leaves are formed. At the end a trunk is painted. After finishing his work, a young man has a portrait of his own hand changed into a spreading plant.

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Three DaisesA child glues three rolls of blotting paper to a green sheet of paper – those will form stems of our flowers. Then one should cut out a rectangular piece of blotting paper and cut slits from one side.

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Sunflower CDTo create such a kind of work of art, children should cut out of coloured paper, yellow sunflower petals and bend each of them in the middle. Then one should glue them to the CD. Then pupils draw intersecting lines on the CD using a felt-tip pen – in the way that allows to obtain a texture of sunflower. A piece of coloured paper can be stuck in the middle of the CD to cover it.

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