Free kids crafts for children



MeadowA teacher puts into a bowl (or a paperboard box) a sheet of white paper and then makes a few green paint blotches. A child drops a small ball (metallic or plastic) which rolling along a white sheet of paper creates an image of the green meadow. Now, you can take on a brush a different colour and “splash” (flowers are created) and glue animals cut out from coloured paper.

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A Tulip

A TulipCreating a tulip, children should paint in green a paperboard stem – a paperboard roll from toilet paper. Now, one can cut out of a sheet of a technical pad a shape of a calyx and a leaf. Paint them red and green. A leaf can be glued to a stem, and a calyx should be slipped in slits at the top of the roll. A created, wide tulip looks like a real, rare variety of this plant species.

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A Flower from Circles

A Flower from CirclesOne larger circle should be cut a slit several times and bend every second slit (to make it more spacious), we glue a ball made of blotting paper in the middle. We cut out a stem from green coloured paper. We fold in half two green circles (they form leaves). All elements we glue to a sheet of paper.

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A Flower for a Present

A Flower for a PresentTo an empty container of a “Danone” we pour some construction plaster with water to obtain pudding texture (note: plaster dries quickly), we put a straw quickly (thick and rigid straws can be bought at the wholesale of disposal articles). We fix a flower in a straw using a cosmetic pad stuck with Magic type glue (or a carpenter’s glue which can be bought in the wallpaper’s shop).

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A Spring Flower

A Spring FlowerVicol glue should be applied on a white rectangular piece of Bristol board, and then one should form a flower from colour pencil planes, add a straw as a stem and feathers as leaves. A spring flower should be besprinkled around with semolina. At the end one should glue a rectangle with a flower on a piece of red paperboard of A4 paper format which is a frame.

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A Flower Made From a Spoon

A Flower Made From a SpoonWe glue a plastic teaspoon on the colour paperboard of A5 format. Beside a spoon (which is  a centre and a flower stem), we glue petals and leaves. We cover the inside part of a spoon with coloured paper and glue it. The entire (according to children’s creative imagination) can be adorned with decorative elements, e.g. stickers – a ladybird, a butterfly, a snail made out of blotting paper.

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