Flying Carpet and a JinnFirst children cut out a rectangular shape from creased paper. The next activity is to smear on it colourful plasticine – patterned shapes, imitating Persian embroidery will be created on a magic blanket. Then pupils are to bend slightly an end of paperboard. A magic item look as if it has just taken wings. The next step is to mould from plasticine a jinn figure, an Arabian ghost who controls a carpet.

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Bellicose King – KnightTo create a militant king-knight children take first an empty roll of toilet paper and stick blotting paper to it. First, stick with yellow one of its ends so blotting paper cover a piece which is  outside and inside a roll. Then one should bend a papered edge so its yellow end begins to resemble a king’s crown (children bend with a finger in the direction of an edge of a yellow papered part). 

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Cinderella’s ShoeWe cut out a shoe along a template from a coloured technical pad, then we decorate it (it may be coloured, painted, ornamented with different elements of glossy pad or pieces of lace, flowers created from blotting paper, ribbon, decorative buttons, etc.). Finally, we bend paper to form a heel of a shoe. 

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Magic WandTo make a magic wand, we first cut out a star shape from coloured paperboard. Then we cut an end of a straw to make a slit. There one can fix a star. Children wrap alternately a colour creative wire around a wand. In an alternative version they use an accordingly looped wire.

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