A StormWhen there is a storm, a sky above the see is steely and waves billow. So, we begin from wrapping a sheet of paper with aluminium foil. We paint a half of this sheet in blue. The we cut out a ship and sails, and glue them in the sea area. One may draw also rain streamlets. We roll strips of blue paper on a toothpick; after pulling out a toothpick we glue them to the sea area of our work.

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A Sun Made of StrawWe cut out a larger circle from blue paper and a smaller one from yellow one. We glue a yellow circle in the middle of a blue one. Sunrays made straw should be glued around. Finally, we draw eyes and a smile on this sun.

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A Drawing on Stones – The Pyramid of CheopsThe ancient Egyptians painted on the walls of their tombs which present everyday life and landscapes of ancient Egypt. We, like former artists, can make such a drawing on a piece of wallpaper carried from home. Its texture should resemble a little bit a wall of stone tomb. Now, let us imagine the ancient Egyptians. What could they present on such a drawing? Of course, famous pyramids. 

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SunflowersWe cut 38 strips with dimensions of 3.5x2 cm from two sheets of light and dark brown paper. Using a pencil we make rings from them which will be the centre of a sunflower. Ten we cut 18 strips with dimensions of  10x1cm from yellow paper. We fold strips in half and glue between rings so one should always be at the front, and the other at the back. We make a full circle.

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A Sandy BoatA child places a sand mould to a coloured paper and outlines it. Then he/she covers with glue an inner part of a shape. Finally, a child sprinkles the whole illustration with sand. It should stick to it in glued areas. Then the entire picture may be put to a folic envelope to avoid too much spilling.

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