Bird Feeder

We draw a template on Bristol board, cut a stripe and “windows”, the we bend a stripe in marked points – walls and a roof are ready. We glue a bird feeder in a place describes as “glue”. We glue birds in any quantity and in any place- my birds have dimensions  about 4x6.5cm. Grains in the bird feeder are imitated by rice dyed by blotting paper (we pour warm water to a jar and soak blotting paper – brown for birds, for the other purposes – yellow and orange, each colour in the same way). When blotting paper gives its colour we put it out, squeeze and throw to a dust bin, and we have coloured water in a jar to which we put rice for about 1 hour (the more intensive colour, the more intensive rice colour) – from time to time one must mix. Drained rice we put on a kitchen towel and leave to dry out. We must to glue our grains with a thicker layer of glue of  Vicol type (Magic or Carpenter’s glue) to make them stick to a bird feeder.