Free kids crafts for children


Animals from Foam Foil

Animals from Foam FoilFirst, we cut three strips from foam foil. We make “a tear” from the biggest one and glue at the ends. Then cut them to create “fingers”. From a smaller strip form a circle (that will be a head) and connect it with a body by the third strip. The entire can be fixed by a paperclip. At the end one should glue eyes, a moustache and ears. A picture presents cats which adorn furniture.

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A Cat and A Mouse

A Cat and A MouseWe cut out two strips equal in terms of length and width from a sheet of coloured paper. We glue them together with longitude sides and pleating once one strip the other time another we create an according pleat. We glue both ends of it in order to avoid falling apart. We make two according pleats in different colours. 

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An Origami Sheep

Origami SheepThe entire sheep is created from circles of different sizes. The largest one is a body. A neck and a head are formed by middle size circles, and ears – from the smallest. We glue all elements together. Finally, we make balls of cotton wool which form a sheep’s fur.

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A Balloon Owl

Balloon OwlWe blow out a balloon, bind, fold a sheet of brown paper in half and cut out claws. We unfold a sheet of paper and in the middle of a flexure we make a little hole, through which we drag out a balloon end. We draw eyes, a bill and the other details of an owl with a felt-tip pen.

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An Autumn Owl from a Tree Bark

An Autumn Owl from a Tree BarkAn owl is easy and pleasant to made. At the first stage during a trip to the forest we collect bark tree, then a teacher whenever necessary slightly moulds its shape by cutting ears, then children mould eyes from plasticine balls, a slightly curved bill, clutches and plasticine rolls which form a branch. Further an owl is made at the discretion and creativity of children.

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