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A Christmas tree

Christmas treeWe need two tree templates from creased paper. Both trees we decorate with sequins and brocade. When a tree dries up we glue it together with a straw inside which is a tree trunk. A ready one we embed into a paper pulp to stabilise a tree. Paper mache can be additionally ornamented with, e.g. brocade and raffia fibre.  

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Beardy St. Nicolaus

Beardy St. NicolausA child puts his/her hand on a white sheet of paper and traces it along with a pencil. Then cuts out traced space – it will be a beard of our St. Nicolaus. The remaining elements – a moustache, a head, a red cap, a white pompom are also outlined along a template and cut out. Then a child glues it together. The last activity is to draw eyes, a mouth and a nose with a felt-tip pen or a pencil.

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An Angel

AngelA teacher prepares a template of a head and wings of an angel and rectangular sheet of white paper. Children are to cut out templates and prepare accordion pleat of prepared paper. Angel’s hair we make from balls of white blotting paper, eyes and a mouth we colour using a felt-tip pen. An accordion pleat should be stapled 2 cm from an edge, then we cut a slit in it in order to insert there a head.

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A Card with an Angel

Card with an AngelFirstly, a child bends a rectangular shape of paperboard (it will serve as a sheet of paper to which respective elements will be glued).Then he/she cuts out a rectangle from coloured blotting paper. He/she winds and crumples in the middle – to create two angel wings which he/she glues in the middle of a sheet of paper. From glossy finish paper a circle is cut out – an aureole which is put above wings.

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An Angelic Hand

Angelic HandA child stamps his/her painted hands on a sheet of a paper creating wings, livery and a head of an angel. Then with black ink using a stick creates outlines by wings, livery and face painting also eyes, hair, hands and foots. A black ink may be replaced with a paint or a marker. A similar work can be performed stamping palms soaked in white paint creating a ghost in this way.

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An Angel Made from a Mug

Angel Made from a MugA teacher prepares a template of wings and hands of an angel and white or silver sticky paper-cut (a size suitable to a size of a mug). In the centre of a bottom of a mug one should drill a small hole or make it with hot nail in which children put a shish kebab stick. Children begin their work from painting a polystyrene foam ball with orange or rose poster paint.

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